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I'm making changes to my site but they aren't appearing...

 In most of these cases the problem is down to the cache settings in Internet Explorer 5 or higher, but can also be attributable to your Internet connection type and possibly your ISP.


We recommend you apply these settings to Internet Explorer 5 or higher even if you aren't having problems, as it will improve your editing experience overall.


  • Go to the Tools menu
  • Click Internet Options

  • Click Settings

  • Make sure that Check for newer versions of stored pages is set to Every visit to the page

If this does not alleviate the problem, it it probably attributable to your Internet Connection itself. If you are using the Internet over a Local Area Network of computers, it is possible that the device that shares the Internet connection between the machines on the network is caching the information. You will need to contact your network administrator to have the cache disabled for "" domains.


If you have a Broadband (ADSL or Cable Modem) connection, the chances are very high that your ISP is caching the information. This is a performance enhancement or cost cutting measure on behalf of the ISP, and is out of the control of both yourself and


We have also had difficulty with ISPs caching information on dialup connections. Customers have reported problems attributable to this process with several dialup modems and ISDN connections.


All caches will expire eventually and rarely after more than a few days. If you can see the latest content when in edit mode then you can rest assured the world will see your masterpiece soon, perhaps before you if they are using different ISP's.

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How do I add my site to Search Engines?

Firstly, go into Site Settings then Technical Site Settings. Complete the Description and Keywords fields in there. The descrption should be around 15-30 words maximum. The keywords field should contain any relevant keyword for your site and should have as many as you can think of. These words should be comma separated.


Scroll to the top and click Save Me. Now to add to the engines themselves.


Go to and choose the Free Search Engine Submission option.
Follow the on-screen instructions to add yourself to over 20 of the most popular search engines around the World.


Once submitted, it could take up to 8 weeks for your site to be indexed, but is often just a few days. You might want to resubmit your site every so often to maintain the listing.

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Where can I get help and support?
For further queries please visit where you will find further FAQs, examples and a searchable knowledgebase that may contain the answer to many of your questions.

To contact support directly please visit and complete the online help request form providing details of your User ID and website address (e.g.:
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