Website features:


All Community Kit websites come with the following as standard:


Free website hosting

Free website address ending in

Free technical support by e-mail


13 Buttons (5 custom, 8 functions)

Add up to 250 Pages

Add up to 250 Images


News - Add up to 250 News Items

Calendar - Add up to 250 Calendar Items

Gallery - Add up to 250 Gallery Items

Links - Add up to 250 Link Items

Documents - Add up to 250 Document Items


Enquiry Facility - Unlimited

Guestbook Facility - Unlimited

Vacancies - Add up to 250 vacancies

Better accessibility for screen readers

The editing tools encourage authors to use alt tags, titles and assist them to produce semantically correct markup. In short, we do all we can to help site authors produce sites accessible to the widest possible audience.


No frames

Getting rid of frames makes for easier navigation, better search engine visibility, reliable bookmarking, and better saving or printing of individual pages. Visitors with screen readers and other assitive devices also benefit greatly by avoiding frames.



The sites are built using a completely new platform constructed specifically for high speed retrieval of web page data. 

Visitors no longer need javascript enabled in their browsers to see the finished site.

Bloated pages have been eliminated. As well as pages being served 5 or 6 times faster on the new platform, pages now are typically 60% smaller than previous communitykit sites,  making for a smoother, faster visitor experience, comparable in speed with any website. 


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